Setting the Renewable Energy Agenda for the New Congress, States, and 2016 Presidential Campaign

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The 2016 National Renewable Energy Policy Forum takes place at a crucial time. Energy policy is figuring prominently in the 2016 election season as candidates debate the role of renewable energy in the nation’s future. As the country prepares for new leadership, this forum will identify a strong policy agenda that will support the rapidly evolving energy market and continued progress of the renewable energy industry.

The renewable energy industry’s momentum is successfully expanding investment, reducing costs, and delivering clean, renewable energy to an increasing number of Americans. As a mainstream resource enjoying bipartisan support, renewable energy is contributing significantly to our nation’s economic growth, energy security, and environmental health. The nation’s energy policy framework requires modernization and greater certainty to ensure the American people and our economy are served with reliable, affordable, resilient, and sustainable supplies of renewable power and fuels.

This Forum will identify workable strategies for renewable electricity and fuels for the nation’s next leaders. Top government officials and industry visionaries will gather to discuss the state of renewable energy policy and the value of pursing innovative energy market reforms, advancing new financing measures, implementing the Renewable Fuel Standard and low-carbon fuel standards, developing Clean Power Plan compliance strategies, increasing renewable portfolio standards, among other issues. These recommendations can then be set in place to ensure the continued development of renewable energy and all of its benefits across the country.